Carol Morgan

Speaker on Social Media, Marketing and Leadership

Cell Phones, Texting and Your Customers

85% of adult Americans own a cell phone. 52% of Americans send test messages. A recent study on Wireless Internet use by Pew discovered that more than 50% of American adults use their mobile phones for non-voice data each day. Non-voice data includes using smart phones and cell phones for texting, taking photos, playing games, surfing the Web and sending email. And here is a scary statistic:  25% of Americans admit that they text while

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The Tale of 10 Cats and Giving Back

We just returned home from taking a donation to the Etowah Valley Humane Society and visiting with the staff and cats and dogs in their care. They have the cutest litter of kittens there too.  Groups like the Etowah Valley Humane Society work hard year-round to give back. They take in and care for thousands of stray pets while seeking the perfect adoptive families.  If you are looking to add a best friend to your

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Reputation Management: Who is Guarding Your Castle?

Today more than ever reputation is built online. I recently presented reputation management at New Media Atlanta and I wanted to share some of it with you. When you Google your name, do you like what you see? More importantly when they Google (or Bing) your companies name do they like what they see? Your online reputation starts (or stops) with the things they find when they Google your name. We go online every day

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Selling to Women? Consider Social Networking

Do you have a product or service that you want to sell to women? Did you know that a recent BlogHer poll found that 50-percent of women use social media daily! Women reported spending less time following mass media, including television, newspapers, magazines and radio, but 55-percent of those polled are blogging, 20-percent using Twitter and shhhhh- here’s one statistic you might not want to tell your competitors – 75-percent of women are participating in

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Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Blog

Are you still wondering why you should have a blog? Whether you are a restaurant, clothing store, veterinarian, boutique, hardware store, small business, large business, attraction or school here are the 5 reasons WHY you should have a blog. 1)     Your blog is your basecamp. This is where your social media marketing program starts.  Launching a social mediaprogram without a blog is like trying to drive a car without the keys. 2)     Social Media Optimization.

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WBHF Radio Cartersville

I’m excited to be on air this a.m. with Alan Sanders on the morning show at WBHF AM 1450 in Cartersville, Georgia.  We are talking about my favorite subject, social media.  The station has already embraced social networking with its WBHF Facebook Fan page. Become a Fan if you live in the area! Social media is permission-based marketing and is a tremendous tool for businesses to engage current customers and meet new ones. Tune in

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Your Business takes a deeper dive into the “why” of social media while providing tips for the most popular sites. This book is designed to help companies think strategically about social media and how it fits into the overall marketing strategy.

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