Carol Morgan

Speaker on Social Media, Marketing and Leadership

Netiquette 3.0

Netiquette Seminar

Netiquette, where common courtesy meets the internet, has become a necessary focus as business communications have evolved and become internet based. The telephone is no longer a primary form of business communication as texting, instant messaging and social media have become mainstream.

When is it OK to text a client or business partner versus sending an email? Is the answer the same for a Boomer, Gen X, Millennials or Gen Z? Do we overuse the exclamation point? What about using emojis or emoticons in emails?

What is polite behavior and how do you keep from offending an important contact? Higher social status, greater wealth, supreme standards and an excellent education are traits typically associated with people who have excellent manners, especially those who communicate at a high level with their business contacts.

Previously, everyone had manners, but now that is not the norm. Technology allows us to do more – faster. Because we are always in a hurry, corners get cut and netiquette gets left out. During Netiquette: Communications 3.0, you’ll be entertained and engaged as presenter Carol Morgan reminds participants of tried-and-true practices and presents thought-provoking subject matter.


  • Understand the various generations and their communication preferences
  • Learn how to address emails so they get read and are easier to find
  • Discover facts about texting and why it is so rapidly becoming an acceptable form of business communication
  • Discover which generation is the most versatile at various communication technologies