Carol Morgan

Speaker on Social Media, Marketing and Leadership

Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI seminar

How does your marketing measure up? And, what does the C-suite really want to know. When talking about Marketing ROI for the C-suite, they typically are going to be very bottom line oriented.

The CEO, CFO, etc in the C-suite want to know if it worked.  What did it cost? What is the return on investment (ROI)? How many sales can be attributed to it?

Do you have a plan to measure? And, what are you measuring? Include website traffic, email marketing, advertising, promotions, events, SEO and social media. If it is part of your marketing plan, measure it.

Reporting is where the rubber meets the road and the budget meeting the checkbook. How do you present all of your marketing metrics to your CFO in a way that they will understand it?

Start by creating an executive summary that summarizes the highlights of each tactic being reported on. Then for each tactic, make sure to include charts and graphs and break down individual tactics into a cost per action.

Carol Morgan presents this lively seminar that helps participants think about how to measure and present results.