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New Book: Social Media Marketing for Your Business

My fourth book on social media was released by NAHB Builder Books at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando in 2018. Needless to say, I’m super excited to have an updated book out!  “Social Media Marketing for Your Business” takes a different approach than I have in the past.  Rather than talking about “how to” set up the various social media sites, I take a deeper dive into the “why” of social media and strategic marketing.

By now most companies have a website, Facebook page and Twitter or various other social media accounts. However, often what they are missing is the strategy to make them work together and produce results that meet goals. This book is designed to help companies think strategically about social media and how it fits into the overall marketing strategy.

The key learning points of the book are to teach readers how to:
• Create a cohesive content plan with strategy and goals
• Set goals and measure their success
• Increase website traffic
• Manage your online reputation
• Maximize your engagement and interaction on Facbook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Companies need to have a strong marketing foundation. A beautifully designed website and Facebook page full of information are not enough to work on their own to drive traffic. A company requires a solid foundation and all pieces of the marketing puzzle must work together in order to achieve success. If the foundation consisting of the company’s website, brand and content is missing important pieces and not synchronized, then the company will have huge holes in its marketing strategy and could be missing out on effectiveness, not to mention its target market. The importance of having strong marketing tools in every area of the strategy is a central theme in this book.

Pick up your copy of “Social Media Marketing for Your Business” at BuilderBooks during the International Builder’s Show in Orlando January 9 to 11. The book will also be available online from, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So visit your favorite book store to get a copy.


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