Carol Morgan

Speaker on Social Media, Marketing and Leadership

LinkedIn, Hooked Up or Left Out

By now you have either embraced social networking . . .  or you haven’t! Here I have identified three types of social networkers, which one are you?

LinkedIn – Named for one of the main stays of the industry, you have embraced the three BIG three basic sites. You participate in the online Rolodex and resume site LinkedIn (or maybe Namyz or Plaxo), share photos and information with your friends on a 24/7 Internet cocktail party: Facebook and you text message to the world with 120 character Tweets on Twitter.

Hooked Up – Not only are you completely LinkedIn, but you take it to the next level. You are Hooked up and always connected. You have an iPhone (probably the cool new 3GS), a Flip camera and other cool toys. Additionally, you have your own blog and accounts on YouTube and Flickr. For fun you build Squidoo pages and post to Forums. All of your sites interconnect and you sometimes can be found Tweeting while driving.

Left Out – The third type of social networker is Left Out and still has not engaged the online conversation.  It isn’t too late for Left out though.

As a bonus, I will add a fourth profile, Strung Out. This person is a combination of the first two types, but they now have so many profiles and sites online that they have hired a personal secretary to manage them all. OK, seriously, they have probably just uploaded all of their passwords to Google docs so that they are accessible 24/7 from anywhere. . .

If you want to learn more about social networking and social media, let me know. I can help you build a successful online strategy.