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Webinar Series: 2020 Vision: Its a Game Changer

Game Changer Webinar

Join us for 2020 Vision: It’s a Game Changer, our new webinar series on the second Friday of every month. It isn’t just the rules that have changed; we are playing a completely different game now. Home building started strong in 2020, sales were up and inventory was low, then along came COVID-19, a pandemic and uncertainty. Because of this, we experienced sheltering in place and learned to market and sell new homes with technology.

Now as we enter the summer months, markets are opening and we are in a new normal. Our buyers’ focus is on staying safe and healthy, which will continue to impact sales and marketing. So, the good news is that sales are trending up again and inventory is still low. This positions new construction homes well against resales, also with historically low inventory.

This webinar series explores our new normal, and the changes home buyers are demanding as a result. We will also explore some tried and true sales and marketing methods to see how well they are working post-quarantine. Smart builders are focusing on strategy and creating a whole new playbook to completely “up” their game or even join a different league. We are here to coach you through the skills, technology and strategy you need to win with 2020 vision.

Join industry experts and head coaches Kimberly Mackey, founder and sales & marketing management consultant of New Homes Solutions Consulting and Carol Morgan, founder and president of Denim Marketing, the second Friday of each month at 2 p.m. ET for this webinar series focused on your success. Look for updates on guest speakers and topics.

Here’s the webinar schedule for 2020 Vision: It’s a Game Changer

June 12 – Change Management – Get Your Team on Board (Especially your front line — a.k.a. Sales & Marketing Team)

July 10 – Marketing ROI -What should you measure?

August 14 – Stop Majoring in the Minors – take charge of the big picture

September 11 – 2020 Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Results Revealed

October 9 – Where’s the Party?

November 13 – TBD

December 11 – TBD

Whether you are a sales or marketing professional or a home building President or CEO, this webinar series is for you. Register for our webinar series 2020 Vision: It’s a Game Changer by clicking here.