Carol Morgan

Speaker on Social Media, Marketing and Leadership

The Netflix Effect

The Netflix Effect Seminar by Carol Morgan

The Netflix Effect is a fun presentation and thought-starter for marketing topics. Today’s buyer has changed due to the Pandemic and immediacy. Thus the Netflix Effect is all about immediacy, online 24/7 access and the customer wanting complete control of the shopping and buying process. This means they can shop when they want and from where they want, order and get immediate gratification.¬† Is your company ready for this new paradigm? The customer is in control.

Things that were happening, happened faster over the past two years. Technology moved forward and a rapid clip and consumers embraced it and moved with it. Covid 19 and the pandemic acted as a force magnifier to push technology forward. From online conferencing to online shopping, home delivery and the ability to work from home, technology touched it all. Who thought two years ago that we’d all be working from home two years later, and doing it successfully?

In the presentation, Carol Morgan explores what this means for us as marketers. Whether you are marketing a widget or a new home, The Netflix Effect impacts marketing. Buyers want choices and they want information. Where they find information about your product or service is sometimes surprising. Consumer’s are thirsty for knowledge and their quest for information will ultimately lead them to your website. But where else will they look?

Can they shop online? Can they tour your product unassisted? Are 3D tours and videos available? How much information and access can you give them? What may seem like a lot of information and effort and maybe even redundancy in your marketing is just what today’s buyer craves. The want to be the expert on the product or service they want to buy. Not providing enough information that they can easily find and digest can eliminate you from the short list and mean they buy from a competitor.