Carol Morgan

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What Generation are Your Jeans?

blue jeansThe style and fade of your jeans may be more than just a mere fashion statement – It may be a sign of your age or at least your generation! There are many different styles of jeans on the market including: jeggings, skinny jeans, bell bottoms, low rise, mom jeans, ripped jeans and many more. Which style do you wear and why?

Jeggings are popular with what I like to call Generation Next, or the tweens.  These are stretchy denim leggings that come in a variety of colors and are worn with anything you’d normally wear with jeans.

Skinny Jeans are super popular with the Millennials (or Generation Y). These snug jeans have a small leg opening which has given them the nickname pegs.

Low Rise Jeans have broad appeal with both men and women Millennials and Gen Xers. These jeans are designed to sit low or below the hips  beneath the belly button. You’ll also hear them called hipsters, lowriders and hip-huggers.

Mom Jeans are jeans that have a traditional high waist, sitting either at or above the belly button. You’ll see both Boomers  and Gen Xers rockin’ their mom jeans.

Which style of jeans do you wear and why? Are they bleached, torn, faded or blue? Jeggings, Skinny, Low Rise or Mom jeans? Please comment!