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trade show survivalAbout half-way through the International Builder’s Show, I realized that my back already hurt and my feet were starting to hurt too.  I found myself in the Professional Women in Building (PWB) lounge lying on my back on the floor! It was just then that Cindy Cepko entered the lounge and loaned me her EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) machine. Having never used one before I was completely surprised that this portable, light weight piece of equipment not only worked, but also fit into my purse.

A group of us started chatting and we quickly realized that Cindy was quite the prepared tradeshow goddess!  In addition to her EMS machine, she pulled out of her brand new rolling bag extra shoes with Happy Feet insoles. These three items will be on the top of my shopping list for the next show I attend:

  1. EMS machine
  2. Happy Feet
  3. A rolling briefcase

If anyone bought the top two items during #ibs2011, I’d love to have contact information for these vendors. I’m definitely in the market for these! And the sooner, the better!

My personal tradeshow survival kit for the show included:

  1. Folders for each event or meeting – this allowed me to only bring to the show the files I needed that day and leave the rest at the hotel.
  2. A giant case of water – I drank water non-stop during the show. Read More→
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rewarding employeesWant to make your employees LOVE you? Recently I asked members of Professional Building Women LinkedIn group for the Quirkiest Things that Business owners do to keep employees happy. I received some fabulous responses and thought it would only be fair to share! (If you are a member of the PWB LinkedIn group, you can click through on these links to learn more about the people who are featured. If you are not a member, please join us!)

    Todd Lincoln • I grill lunch or an early dinner for everyone on our job-sites, and make ice cream when it is really, really hot.

    Linda Hebert • One of my sales agents was complaining that the stress of the market was taking a toll on her appearance and she couldn’t afford to do anything about it. I Really needed one of our models to sell at a price at the high end of a very tough market. Incentive? Botox. Outcome? Success! ….. And a very happy, motivated and younger looking, agent.

    Terri Everhart • Take a ‘lunch’ break at the local driving range – – everyone gets a bucket of golf balls to swing out some aggressions. Doesn’t take much to organize this event; just pick up and go. And it’s fun for every level of golfer.

    Katie Middleton • Once a quarter, we host Bingo Day with a potluck. The Bingo cards are themed around season or a holiday and our well experienced receptionist calls the “spots” through our phone system. Winners are given Read More→

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    What Generation are Your Jeans?

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    blue jeansThe style and fade of your jeans may be more than just a mere fashion statement – It may be a sign of your age or at least your generation! There are many different styles of jeans on the market including: jeggings, skinny jeans, bell bottoms, low rise, mom jeans, ripped jeans and many more. Which style do you wear and why?

    Jeggings are popular with what I like to call Generation Next, or the tweens.  These are stretchy denim leggings that come in a variety of colors and are worn with anything you’d normally wear with jeans.

    Skinny Jeans are super popular with the Millennials (or Generation Y). These snug jeans have a small leg opening which has given them the nickname pegs.

    Low Rise Jeans have broad appeal with both men and women Millennials and Gen Xers. These jeans are designed to sit low or below the hips  beneath the belly button. You’ll also hear them called hipsters, lowriders and hip-huggers.

    Mom Jeans are jeans that have a traditional high waist, sitting either at or above the belly button. You’ll see both Boomers  and Gen Xers rockin’ their mom jeans.

    Which style of jeans do you wear and why? Are they bleached, torn, faded or blue? Jeggings, Skinny, Low Rise or Mom jeans? Please comment!

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    sisterhood of the traveling laptopIn this month’s issue of Builder magazine, Editor in Chief Denise Dersin talks about the new face of housing. A recent report by real estate advisory firm RCLCO reveals that the role of women not only is changing, but has changed. In 1978, 60-percent of all college graduates were men. Today, 60-percent of all college graduates are women and they are also now the majority in the workforce. RCLCO predicts that by 2015, WINKS (Gen Y women with incomes over $50,000 a year and no kids) will dominate the urban landscape. So, what is SHE looking for? She prefers urban or urbanlite areas for both home and work. She wants to live in a walkable area with convenience to transit and she is willing to pay a premium to get what she wants. Dersin closes her article by saying “the most critical imperative (and perhaps the most difficult)? Figure out what women want. . . ”

    Women influence 91% of home sales – so are you doing everything you can to attract them in your online marketing and onsite presentation?

    This year at IBS, I’ll be presenting “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Laptop: What Women Want Online and Onsite” with Meredith Oliver and Kerry Mulcrone. Our session will show you how to Read More→

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    PWB FlyerThe North Carolina Professional Women in Building will be hosting a hospitality suite on Thursday, September 16 during the 21 Century Building Show and Expo. It is a great time to come out and find out more about PWB membership, and get some tasty snacks.

    Additionally, PWB is presenting two seminars geared toward women during the show. Come join us, it should be a lot of fun.  First Mitch Levinson and I will present Social Media for Home Builders at 10 a.m., then Tammie Smoot and I will present Sell To Women Through the Social Media Grapevine at 2 p.m.

    Let us know what you’d like to learn during Social Media for Home Builders! Mitch and I are happy to cater the class to your requests and suggestions!

    Don’t forget to register for the show at


    10 Tips to Attain and Manage Power

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    women business ownersThis post is for all the business owners and entrepreneurs in my life. My friend Karla Sinclair, Publisher of Atlanta Daybook shared this information from the Possible Woman conference held recently in Atlanta. It is really great information and I hope it will provide you with additional motivation to continue to be the shining star that you are.

    Political commentator Donna Brazile gave the keynote address which focused on women attaining and managing power.

    Ten Tips from Donna Brazile:

    1. Know your power and believe in yourself.
    2. Be true to yourself and visualize.
    3. Identify role models and mentors.
    4. Nourish your ambition.
    5. Dare to dream and communicate clearly.
    6. Set a strategy for success and write it down.
    7. Remove stumbling blocks and remain steadfast despite the obstacles.
    8. If you get knocked down, get back up.
    9. Don’t be afraid of controversy.
    10. Stir the waters.  Sometimes making waves is the only way to move forward.
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