Carol Morgan

Speaker on Social Media, Marketing and Leadership

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International Builders Show 2020

Speaking at the International Builders’ Show is much like going home.  I am thrilled to be speaking at the show for 13th year in a row. This year the Denim Marketing team has three staff members giving a total of six presentations.  Look for us on-site and say hi!  And, be sure to add our sessions to your show planner. Listed below are all of the International Builders’ Show sessions presented myself (Carol Morgan), Senior

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Generations Seminar

Gauging the Generations: Gen Z to Boomers

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If your marketing is stuck in a rut and you want to understand how to step it up for 2020, this seminar is for you. Continuing to concentrate on print, billboards, direct mail and other older methods of marketing and advertising may or may not help you to reach the largest potential buying demographic today. Gauging the Generations:

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denim marketing obies

Bringing Home the Bling

It is always nice to bring home a little bling.  I’m proud to announce that Denim Marketing won four OBIEs at the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s (HBA) 39th Annual OBIE Awards in October 2019. We swept the Best Social Media Campaign Category winning Gold OBIEs for both the Builder/Developer and Associates categories and also won two Silver OBIEs for Best Social Media application Builder/ Developer and Best Social Media Application Associate. A huge thank

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Carol Morgan Speaker Bio

Carol Morgan, president of Denim Marketing, is one of those women who seems to do a million things effortlessly: she runs her own successful marketing firm; she has an award-winning radio show; she’s written four books; she’s served as chair of the National Home Builders Association’s Professional Women in Building Council; and she’s won multiple professional awards. She also manages a 20-acre farm; rides dressage; and is a mom. And she makes it look easy!

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Social Media Seminar

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

This seminar takes a long-term approach to building and maintaining an effective marketing strategy with social media as a main component. It is designed to help companies think strategically about social media and how it fits within the “big picture.” A well-designed marketing program must start with a strong foundation comprised of the company website, brand and content. After the foundation is in place, tactics like social media can be incorporated to drive traffic to

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Netiquette Seminar

Netiquette 3.0

Netiquette, where common courtesy meets the internet, has become a necessary focus as business communications have evolved and become internet based. The telephone is no longer a primary form of business communication as texting, instant messaging and social media have become mainstream. When is it OK to text a client or business partner versus sending an email? Is the answer the same for a Boomer, Gen X, Millennials or Gen Z? Do we overuse the

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Your Business takes a deeper dive into the “why” of social media while providing tips for the most popular sites. This book is designed to help companies think strategically about social media and how it fits into the overall marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing 450-PIXELS