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Caffeine: Are You Addicted?


perk your atlanta new homes results with atlanta real estate forumAnyone who knows me well knows that I start my day off with a large Diet Coke and lots of crushed ice. Even better if it is a fountain drink from McDonalds or QuickTrip, they always seem to have the mix just right. I think most people still start their day with a hot coffee. With a coffee, you still have to get the “mix” right. Some people like it black, but others have a certain combination of sugar and cream that they like with it. If the ingredients or the mix isn’t right, the day just doesn’t get off to the right start, does it?

Search Engine Optimization also requires the right mix. With the recent releases of Google Caffeine and Google Instant –  it seems that Caffeine Instantly Matters. Results are rendered faster with Caffeine and appear instantly before your eyes with Google Instant. You will want to keep an eye on your keyword phases and see if they improve or drop due to recent changes. Lots of folks are looking for the right SEO mix for their website.

If  you are an Atlanta home builder or developer, you can perk your search results instantly by sharing your Atlanta real estate news stories on Atlanta’s favorite real estate blog, Atlanta Real Estate Forum. You’ll love the fresh-brewed traffic the we send to your website; It is sure to give you perkier search results!

If you are still confused by SEO and the recent changes, call me at 770-383-3360, I’m here to help! And, I’d love to know why type of caffeine you are addicted to. Drop me a note or comment on the blog and let me know!

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