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It’s Not Personal, It’s Business


boys and dogHow many times have we heard this?  I love this page from Seth Godin’s What Matters Now. It is by Mitch Joel the President of Twist Image and author of Six Pixels of Separation.


“It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”

We spend more than 50% of our lives at work. Why would anyone want to wake up in the morning and go to work with that attitude? If you don’t make it personal, and if you don’t make it count, what’s the point?

Business is missing one important core value: compassion.
“Between work and family, I have no time for community.”

This is is something everyone feels at some point in their lives. But think about it: What if we made community an integral part of our business? What if we recognized that we can’t have strong businesses without a strong community and we can’t have a strong community without compassion?

The real way strong communities are built is through the compassion we extend to others. Both to those we know, and to those we don’t know.

The Internet is amazing because it connects us all. Compassion for those around us now extends globally and beyond our physical boundaries.

We can all do more for each other and be better.

Be compassionate to everyone no matter the level of connection.

Make compassion a core business value.

Start with a smile to a stranger.

Start by getting others to nod in agreement when you say: “If we’re not compassionate to one another, what’s the point in the end?”

Get the complete free ebook by Seth Godin  – What Matters Now.

Let’s all figure out what matters to us now.  Take a break from all the noise and take time for a long walk, a drink with friends or a rowdy wrestle with man’s best friend. Give back to the community that supports your business. They will not only appreciate it, but more business will undoubtedly follow.

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