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Your Web site and SEO


Crazy BrotherMy Brother Built It. Why Doesn’t it Work?

Have you ever wondered, “How effective is my company’s Web site?”  The mRELEVANCE team runs across companies every day that had their Web site built by a relative, typically their brother or brother-in-law.  This is great if your brother or brother-in-law works for an Internet marketing company, but chances are, he doesn’t.

Many of these companies don’t see results from their Web sites and simply have a hard time proving or justifying the effectiveness of their sites. In the worst cases, they can’t get their sites to work at all.

During an upcoming seminar on Web sites and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I will cover the five most common reasons why Web sites do not produce leads, prospects or buyers:

  1. Not built to drive traffic
  2. Difficult to Navigate
  3. Content and Branding
  4. Proper Call to Action
  5. Tracking and Analytics

Best of all, during  the presentation I’ll provide constructive direction on how to fix them.

For more information on this Lunch & Learn on Friday, May 21 at 11:30 a.m., call the Cartersville – Bartow County Chamber of Commerce at 770-382-1466.

If you can’t make the seminar, but need help with your Web site, let me know. We love helping companies become effective online! 770-383-3360 or carol (at)

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