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Have You Synchronized Your Social Media?


synchronize your social mediaSo you have a blog. . . now what? Now it is time to synchronize your social media and develop a more in-depth plan. Here are a few quick ways to evaluate your current program.

Does your blog have a plan to survive the next “dry” spell?

  • Blog is strategically focused on a topic or specialty
  • Team of writers in place and ready to blog
  • Editorial plan of 8 blog posts a month
  • Backup content is available for when something falls through
  • Posts contain a mixture of copy, photos, video and podcasts
  • Posts are easy to read about 300 words long and often contain bullets

Is your team “synchronized” in their approach?

  • Both marketing and sales people are engaged in content production
  • Blog leverages other social networks to maximize referral traffic
  • Staff is trained on how to promote the blog and social media sites
  • Online social media policy spells out rules of engagement

Does your blog cause visitors to “take flight” or sign up?

  • Email marketing drives traffic to blog
  • Email can be shared through social sharing
  • Contests are hosted on the blog to attract visitors and gather names
  • A series of custom landing pages welcome visitors from social media sites
  • Strong call to action encourages visitors to sign up for email list

Never fear, if your blog doesn’t meet all of these goals, I can help. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and have lots of ideas for your program.  Blogging is fun.

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