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Sites for Women


women and the webIf you are a woman, and statistically we know that about 50-percent of you are, here are some social media sites you may want to check out! We discovered many of these Web sites last fall while putting together the “Sell More Homes to Women Through the Social Media Grapevine,” a program presented by myself and three dynamic women at the International Builders Show (IBS). If you are a man (and 50-percent of you are), this is a great way to find out what makes women tick and how to market to us!

Blogher – The community for women who blog

Girls in Tech – A network for women in business in the technology space

MillionaireMoms – the art of raising an business and a family at the same time

MomConnection – Opinions and advice for today’s moms

momslikeme – local moms network

She-conomy – a guy’s guide to marketing to women

TwitterMoms – The Influential Moms Network

Woman-Centric Matters – What Women Want

Women on the Web – focused on professional women in top business rolls

Enjoy this list and make sure to let me know your favorites, or add ones that I have missed.

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